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New Tights Brand – Zohara (Israel)

Zohara Art On Tights

Zohara Art On Tights

Zohara Art On Tights

This directory has taken us all over the world, but this is the first time we have been to a tights manufacturer in Israel. It seems the more we look, the more we see the so called “dieing tights trade” actually thriving.

Anyway as always I digress, on with a little information:

The Zohara tights brand was launched in 2010 in Israel and is essentially a selection of artists work, printed onto 120 denier tights. They have just launched their third collection (winter 2010/2011) and currently can be purchased in fashion stores in Israel, Europe, Singapore and Canada.

Its worth taken a look at the collection, our personal favourite being the Jim Morrison print.